About 1 1/2 yrs ago I invested in Scranton, PA based APPEK Mobile Apps to build an industry leading business-to-business mobile app development and technology company.

The goal since inception with APPEK was to build an innovative, self-sustaining mobile app development company that also builds disruptive technology.

APPEK founders Adam Ceresko and Andrew Herman have been nothing short of brilliant in executing our founding model.

Earlier this year APPEK launched Face Invaders (social game based on Facebook friends and the age old game space invaders) that debuted on the Global stage with recognition from TechCrunch, Gizmodo, and more. In fact, Gizmodo named the iPad app “App of the Day” and “App of the Week,” which is a really big deal for APPEK to say the least.

The mobile app development side of the company has been in rapid growth mode and has completed apps for dozens of well funded start-ups, including several KBJ Capital (my investment fund) companies such as ReferLocal.com and Yumm.com. In addition, APPEK has developed apps for major financial institutions, travel companies, and other large Fotune 1,000 companies.

In short, APPEK is on fire…..which brings me to today’s announcement!

As I write I’m sitting in the audience on Day 1 of TechCrunch Disrupt. For those of you that live in a vacuum or only use the internet to read e-mail from your AOL dial-up account…..TechCrunch is the world’s leading news authority on the technology space. Each year TechCrunch hosts two conferences (one in New York City and one in San Francisco) where the technology community meets (Twitter / Square founder Jack Dorsey spoke to us this morning and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg speaks tomorrow) and also holds a competition called Start-up Battlefield. In short, Start-up Battlefield is one of the most exclusive and premier places to launch a new technology company. Past winners of the competition include Dropbox, Mint.com, and many others. The rules of the competition include the fact that you need to launch the new company as part of the competition….on stage in front of celebrities and world leading venture capitalists as judges.

PathMapp - A/B Testing for Mobile Applications AppsI’m happy to announce that APPEK is here and will debut on stage tomorrow a new company called Pathmapp. There is an embargo on most of the features of Pathmapp so I’m tight lipped on the incredible feature set that we will debut tomorrow, but I can tell you that Pathmapp is an incredibly disruptive start-up in the mobile data space. In addition, the start-up will be the first company in the world to provide mobile app owners with the ability to use a powerful, real-time A/B testing solution to make more money and increase conversions on mobile apps.

Make sure to watch the debut of Pathmapp LIVE tomorrow through TechCrunch.com and wish us luck as we compete for the finals and the $50,000 prize that goes to the winner.

Congrats to APPEK and all entrepreneurs in Northeastern, Pennslyvania and around the world that think big, dream big, and set goals….then double them and make them uncomfortable to drive action!

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