“ASK ME ANYTHING” with Kris Jones

Grab a notepad and get ready to be inspired!

“Success leaves clues.” – Tony Robbins

Kris launched his AMA series to share his insights and success in business and life. Topics include personal and professional development, digital marketing and SEO, venture capital, mergers and acquisitions, and step-by-step instruction on how to find and amplify your happiness and build successful businesses.

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Kristopher Jones – Startup Grind Philadelphia

In 2015, Kris was interviewed as part of Startup Grind Philadelphia, Powered by Google for Entrepreneurs. In this in-depth interview Kris reflects on his success in business in life. He shares priceless lessons learned and how he’s continually overcome setbacks through pigheaded discipline and determination.

Don’t miss this enlightening interview into Kris life and his proven ability to help and inspire people to become their absolute best in business and life!

Singer / Actress Christina Milian and Investor Kris Jones at Collison 2015

One of the highlights for me was sharing the stage with Singer / Actress Christina Milian on stage in Las Vegas at the Collision Conference (same founders as Web Summit) – one of the top technology conferences in the world. At the event we were interviewed on stage by Bloomberg journalist Katie Benner (now with the New York TImes) in front of about 4,000 people and tens of thousands more watched online.