Kris Jones is not a Wilkes Barre Calypso Dancer. 🙂

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For the last 1 and 1/2 yrs I’ve been maxed out at the 5K friend limit on personal profile pages. I’ve gone back and forth about whether or not to just convert the page into a business profile (fan) page bec/ the friend limits are removed and you also get a nice analytics package with a business page.

At the same time I really enjoy sharing pics of my family and travels, which is really easy to do with the personal profile page. I also get a news feed of all my friends posts, which I honestly find priceless – it’s so awesome to be able to stay in touch with friends all over the world. To see pics on a regular basis of Nicholas (Chris Hedgecock’s son), travel / speaking pics of Marcus Tandler (a close friend from Germany), internet friends, law school friends, Nova friends, PSU friends, people I’ve met at various conferences and keep in touch with, etc……I love!

So…I’ve decided not to merge the two pages, but instead create a dedicated Business Profile Page. I intend to actively use the page and be very engaged with folks who follow the page. I intend to share posts regarding my love for personal and professional development, posts about what technology start-ups I think are the next big thing, books I love, updates on my upcoming 3rd edition os SEO Visual Blueprint, professional photos from my speaking engagements, links to ALL the presentations I give at conferences, and much more. I’ll also occasionally post some pics of my family and things I do on a personal level, but the page is more about my professional life than anything else.

I encourage you to “like” my new page set up at

Can’t wait to engage with you.

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