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VigLink is a platform for monetizing content-driven commerce.

VigLink is built on the idea that publishers should be compensated for the content they create and the commerce they drive. The company monetizes ordinary links to over 30,000 retailers with technology that works across sites, apps, and social networks. Because the monetization is automated, content publishers can focus on creating great content and avoid the hassles of managing countless affiliate programs.

The largest network of its kind, VigLink maximizes earnings for tens of thousands of publishers and works with more than 30,000 merchants, processing over ten billion page views and over five hundred million clicks every month.

VigLink offers publishers three products:

VigLink Convert converts existing links into links that earn revenue. Clicks that turn into purchases from anyone in their growing list of over 30,000 retailers, turn into commissions. Through its exclusive optimizer technology, VigLink can optionally swap existing links for more lucrative alternatives.

VigLink Insert uses state-of-the-art semantic technology to automatically link text mentions of merchants, brands, and products to the most relevant and valuable destination. Publishers typically double their VigLink revenue after enabling this feature.

VigLink Anywhere monetizes links posted to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or even emails. Publishers just build the URL with VigLink, shorten if they like, and share anywhere. Influencers get paid when clicks turn into purchases.

VigLink offers detailed reporting and analytics for publishers to learn which links drive the most revenue and stay focused on what’s working.

Given their scale, VigLink can negotiate higher commission rates from top merchants and pass these higher payouts to customers. Their current merchant list is available publicly here

” At VigLink, we believe the future of marketing lies within the untapped potential of digital content covering commercial products across the Web. We empower influential publishers who produce this content to connect enthusiastic consumers with the products they love from the brands who value them the most. We accomplish this directly through publishers’ words, without need for an ad. ”

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Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
Description: VigLink is a platform for monetizing content-driven commerce for publishers, bloggers, forums, social networks and apps.

Categories: Content, Publishing, Advertising, Social Network, Apps

Acquisitions: 2 Acquisitions
Total Equity Funding: $27.34M in 5 Rounds from 15 Investors


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