French Girls App is a popular mobile app on IOS (iPhone) that allows anyone to take a “selfie” and get drawn by anyone in the world.

Since launching in January 2014 nearly 2,000,000 people have downloaded the app.

If you’ve never downloaded French Girls App you can do so here.

The success of French Girls App has been unprecedented in the artist community and has created a powerful platform for artists and creative people to display works, while everyday people like you and me have the opportunity to be an integral part of the process.

The process of getting drawn by a top French Girls artist is exhilarating and is like nothing I’ve ever experienced.

As one of the founders of French Girls I’ve had the great fortune of watching the app go from idea stage to national phenomenon to the #1 artist community anywhere.

The level of talent on the app (as you’ll see below) is unbelievable and the engagement and community around our top artists and models is like nothing you’ve ever seen.

Most recently I sponsored a contest on the app whereby I posted a selfie holding a piece of paper that simply said I’d like the community to draw me a new avatar (profile picture) for Facebook and the winner would get $20. The artists were given about 48 hours to submit their drawings and I promised to close the process and select a winner today.

I received nearly 100 submissions.

Thousands of votes (aka, “likes”) were cast.

My phone literally blew up with push notifications over the last few days because I was notified when new submissions were made and when new people liked one of the submissions.

The experience was awesome and really has the French Girls team juiced about what we can do if we better organized future contests, which is something we are very excited to do.

The artwork was soooooo good I couldn’t select just one winner so I decided to select five winners and give them $20 a piece (or donate it to their favorite charity).

I also decided to make the announcement here and showcase a few more of my favorites, which you’ll see below.

Winners can contact me at or send me a private message on Twitter to @krisjonescom with your paypal address or where you’d like me to donate the $20.

The $20 winners are:

A Selection of Some of My Other Favorites: