Many of you know that I’m an investor and cofounder of French Girls App (Download on IOS here) –

French Girls App allows you to take a selfie, submit it, and get drawn by users around the world.

We’ve generated over 1,250,000 installs in 7 months. We’ve been featured on CNN, MTV, the Huffington Post, and E! News.

The app is filled with abundant creative expression, but some of the best “Selfie Art” is hilarious either because someone takes a selfie that transforms them into something they never expected or because the drawing is outrageous.

I hope you enjoy ten of my favorites!

#1 – I know – so bad. However, if you consciously take a selfie w/ your pants down you deserve to have an artist draw you with poop coming out of your butt. LOL. Still can’t believe she dropped her pants on this one.

#2 – I will never eat a doughnut again. Never. Ever. Again.


#3 – The Guy from “Survivor” Vietnam as My Little Pony. LOL

#4 – First thing I thought was – what is she doing w/ him? The artist apparently had the same thing in mind. LOL.

#5 – Pissed off zebra. Who the **** stole my fur?

#6 – Look really close. Do you see what thousands of people on FG saw ? LMFAO

#7 – Reminds me of Red Hots candies.

#8 – My son Kris Jones. I said make a funny face. He put a cracker in his mouth, vertical…and two to his ears.

#9 – Confused Dinosaur.

#10 – My daughter Lauren and French Bulldog Bentley. LOL – poor Bentley was turned into a soccer ball. LOL