Here’s a video interview with me (Kris Jones) at the recent PubCon Las Vegas (where I was a speaker) on “the Evolution of SEO.”

You can read a modified transcript on the SEJ website here.

In short, I make the case that the central evolution of SEO is that Google continues to invest and release products that require its users to spend more time w/in the Google Ecosystem.

I give the example of Google+ Local where businesses can create a page for FREE that resides on Google, which ranks in local search results. Indeed, the user (business) doesn’t even need a physical website anymore to rank on Google. I offer some strategies for how businesses should think about this change.

I also go into some detail with some examples of how user behavior is changing in general (which is impacting SEO). For instance, roughly 43% of Google’s traffic is now mobile. When you carve out what Google calls “local intent” searches, which themselves create a unique search experience (think 6 packs and carousels), the percent of these types of searches, which are mobile dominant is even higher. Another key factor that is critical to not only the future of SEO and SEO is the fact that users are becoming device agnostic – the way we consume the Internet has changed and is changing very quickly…..whether or not we consume the Internet through a mobile phone, one of the dozens of hybrid phone / tablets, one of the dozens of tablets (think iPad 1, 2, 3, 4, etc; Amazon Fire; Galaxy, etc), or through a PC (the #’s here are decreasing dramatically – for instance, there were more iPad’s sold in December 2012 than PC’s)…..we as business owners need to stop focusing exclusively about “Web” SEO / PPC, etc….and start focusing on Mobile SEO, PPC……Social SEO, PPC, Video SEO, PPC, etc.

Here’s the full video: