The 3rd edition of my book SEO Visual Blueprint, which has sold nearly 50,000 copies (1st and 2nd edition) and is available in various parts of the world….comes out in March 2013. Here’s a link to pre-order the 3rd edition!

Over the coming weeks I’ll be posting some teasers of the book.

Here’s a teaser from the introduction on “SEO: Beware of Snake Oil Salesman.”

SEO Visual Blueprint 3rd EditionSearch-engine optimization is a critical component of a well-rounded Internet marketing strategy. Having a great Web site is simply not enough. Hundreds of millions of people use search engines every day to scour the Internet and find information from relevant Web sites just like yours. In order to appear alongside your competition in the search results, your Web site must be search engine friendly. Moreover, to be competitive within the search results you need to take steps that convince search engines that your Web site is an authority and that your content is relevant for particular keywords related to your business or enterprise.

If you are reading this book, you do not need convincing that SEO is integral to your online marketing success. However, the profession of SEO has taken significant criticism for being nothing more than a spammy attempt to manipulate search-engine results. Unfortunately, criticism has come primarily as a result of so-called SEO experts who sell guaranteed top ten placements and instant success formulas for achieving front page search-engine rankings. Fortunately, such unethical, get-rich-quick, snake oil salesman represent a very small percentage of SEO professionals.

The majority of SEO experts are ethical professionals who understand the complex dynamics of search-engine algorithms and offer assistance and counsel on how to maximize your placement on search engines. The truth is that there are no guarantees in SEO. In fact, if an alleged SEO professional tells you he offers guaranteed placement within Google’s top ten organic rankings, you need to decline the offer. The process of SEO requires great skill and is not quick. You must have patience. In fact, you should look at SEO as an ongoing process that is necessary for you to maintain and maximize your position in the organic search results in the long term. You should set your expectations accordingly and educate other Web site owners of the process so they do not waste money based on hollow pitches from unethical SEO professionals.

What are your thoughts? Are all SEO’s Snake Oil Salesmen?

Pre-order the 3rd Edition of SEO Visual Blueprint here.