My good friend Chris Hedgecock approached me about a year ago with an idea to build a recipe site called Yumm.com that would rival leaders AllRecipes.com and the Food Network.

Unlike those other recipe sites that exist within a closed ecosystem…..Yumm.com aggregates the recipe Web by being a bookmarking repository of all of your favorite recipes. If you are familiar with the popular social bookmarking service Delicious (acquired by Yahoo in 2005) that is a repository os some 200 million bookmarks of the Web’s most popular Web sites you’ll get Yumm.

TechCrunch Yumm

Yumm enables users to store and share recipes from across the web in one location. It’s that simple yet so brilliant that today Techcrunch took the opportunity to share as much with their nearly 2,000,000 readers.

Aside from Chris being a great friend and proven entrepreneur (Chris has enjoyed multiple exits) I was happy to oblige when he asked me to join his team in November 2010 as an angel investor and advisor. The investment was made through my angel fund KBJ Capital.

Among other things the Yumm team is working on an iPad application that will be released very soon. The feedback from Techcrunch readers has been overwhelmingly positive and thousands of new users are beginning to interact with the service and provide Chris and his tech team with feedback to improve the service.

If you haven’t checked out today’s Techcrunch article you can check it out here; if you haven’t joined Yumm do so here and make sure to share the site with all of the foodies within your contact list.